Couple things about me.... 
Jesus is my savior and I owe it all to him.
I consider myself a bit of a vagabond, I love freedom and independence and had it from a young age since i was homeschooled for half of my school education. I’m from upper Michigan, known as the UP where the inhabitants are referred to as “yoopers”, so, i’m a yooper! I'm a coffee snob - it's kind of a problem actually, big music lover - Waylon Jennings is one of my absolute favorites.  Serious road trip junkie over here - like i'd rather drive 15 hours than fly if I have the choice
I’m married to my best friend, Derek. I love the western way of life and have such a deep appreciation for it. I have an ever growing collection of funky vintage button up t-shirts.

About me

a little bit

I believe everyone has a unique story to tell. And for me, to be able to tell your story through photography is practically the coolest thing I can think of. I want to get to know you more like a friend, not just someone that’s paying me to take photos. I want to learn more about your personality and what lights you up, and for you to get to know me so it’s just like friends hanging out taking photos and there’s no pressure or nerves there, which makes for genuine photos. I know that might sound cheesy, but it’s true! I can’t force raw emotions but if we’re all comfortable with each other it’s so much easier for real emotion to flow through you. Less perfectly posed, more letting it happen.

pourng my heart out for you

I find inspiration in the open road and wide open spaces. the adventure of life. that first cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sun come up over the mountains. the towering saguaros of the desert. old country music that sends a chill down your spine cause the lyrics and melody are just so. dang. good. horses running through an open field. the beautiful craftsmanship in a saddle passed down from your grandfather. the detail and quality of your great grandma’s squash blossom necklace and navajo pearls. everywhere i go i am inspired by god’s creation, both humans and the land. inspired by all the emotions we feel as humans just trying to make our way through this life.

Saddle up 

vintage button up shirts, a lip smacking good iced latte, waylon jennings, native american jewelry, a juicy steak, a long road trip, plants galore, tallow skincare products, to name just a few

did someone say iced coffee?

Somewhere along the way, the west stole my heart. I grew up in a small town in Upper Michigan and boy was it a great place to grow up, but as I got older, I fell in love with horses and the West. Those go together a little too well, don’t they? Over the past several years, I’ve gotten to live in Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Washington, and now North Dakota. My husband Derek and I actually bought a camper and now live in it full time and it is SO fun! He works in the oil and gas industry and the location of his work can change at the drop of a hat sometimes so we wanted to be able to be mobile and not tied down to a house at this stage in life. And I love the simplicity of it and how much more time I find myself spending outside. Coffee outside while taking in the morning sunlight, fishing at the lakes and creeks close by, grilling burgers and steaks, and going for lots of walks. Just a few of my favorite things, actually ;) 

a little look into my life

Your story deserves to be told. your voice deserves to be heard. Through photography, we can tap into something much deeper than just the photos. Having recently experienced the loss of someone very dear to me, it made me realize just how important photos with and of our loved ones are. you can relate, I’m sure. most of us have lost someone close to us and we still miss them a lot. I want to give you an experience that will invoke real emotion and unleash your true self to preserve it in photos that you get to keep for a lifetime.

documenting your story through timeless images

my philosophy

my philosophy

my philosophy

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Fun facts

Coffee really is life and I love to make espresso drinks at home.


coffee is life

My husband and I eloped in Sedona, Arizona in 2020.

we eloped


We’ve lived in 5 different states since we got married.

favorite place


 I LOVE to sing and sang in all but one of my sister’s weddings.

Hidden talent


I am extremely good at tetris. no, like you don’t understand, i’m ridiculously good. 

something i am good at


My toes are insanely mobile and I can pick things up really well with them and I often do…

fun fact


Life lately

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If any of this resonates with you and you're looking for photos that feel fun, raw, and showcase your true self... I'd love to talk!

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